Can I paint a Homestyle termination?

Although a bare Homestyle direct vent termination in the 3003 aluminum can be painted, the results may be less than satisfactory when compared to the powder coated option. Knowing you want to put the best direct termination on our own home, our engineering and production teams pay attention to every detail to ensure the Homestyle and Eurostyle Collections are the best direct vent terminations in the industry. We began by researching and using the best powder coat so our terminations will maintain their beauty for years. This is why we only use a high temperature, UV powder coat.

One of our documented quality control systems is our two stage powder coating process. First, all the subcomponents, or internal parts,  for the Homestyle and Eurostyle powder coated terminations are sent through our powder coating line. Then we assemble the direct vent termination and run it through the powder coating line, as a finished cap, a second time to cover the exterior. If we just ran an assembled termination through our powder coating line, the exterior would be completely covered however the internal parts would have inconsistent, spotty coverage. The powder overspray simply can not cover the inside parts of the termination properly. This is what will happen if you paint a Homestyle termination.

Furthermore, a high temperature UV powder coat is superior to any paint for longevity. Powder coating has several stages, like the chemical wash and the high temperature baking process, which make a powder coat adhear to the metal far better than paint. A powder coat will maintain it's beauty even through years of themal expansion and contraction of the metal due to temperature changes. Something paint simply can not do. Since paint can not adhear to the metal as as well, it will crack and flake away. Paint will consistantly be a maintainence item and need to be reapplied. 


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