How Do I choose which Homestyle or Eurostyle termination is right for me?

Now you finally have a choice as to what type of direct vent termination is installed on your home. Admittedly, the Homestyle and Eurostyle Collections offer you more choices than any other direct vent system today and that can be overwhelming. The simple answer to choosing which one is right for you is to ask yourself what style would look best on your home and what type of direct vent appliance are you going to purchase.

First you need to think about what style would go best with your home. Is your home situated in the Colorado mountains or a valley in California? Do you live on a golf course or in a city center? The Homestyle Collection of attractive direct vent terminations offers a traditional style just like a traditional chimney cap. This traditional timeless style and multiple color options allow the Homestyle Collection to blend into most any architectural setting. The Eurostyle Collection, on the other hand, will give your home a sophisticated European flair. It is available in two distinct styles: The Old World Copper Series and the RealFlue Series. The Old World Copper looks like European copper chimney pots. The RealFlue Series takes on the appearance of Mediterranean clay pots. You need to decide what look fits best with your personality and your homes decor.

Then your retailer will help narrow down the choices within the collection based on the direct vent appliance you choose and what your installation parameters are like. Direct vent appliances are available in two vent configurations, co-linear and co-axial. If you choose a co-linear appliance, chances are you will be looking at a Homestyle direct vent fitted or universal flue termination. If you choose a co-axial appliance, you will probably be looking at a Homestyle or Eurostyle chase mount termination. Your home may present your installers with situations which can complicate an installation. If this should happen, your retailer will discuss your options with you and help you find the best fit for you and your home.


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