What is the difference between CNC punched metal mesh and expanded metal mesh?

Steel mills create expanded metal mesh by a slitting sheetsof metal while it's still hot. Then the metal is stretched, or expanded, to create more material from a single sheet. This expansion creates a very inconsistant product with extremely sharp edges. Expanded metal mesh is very cheap to produce which is why it is used by almost every manufacturer, except to RLH Industries, Inc.

Our CNC punched mesh starts with a finished, single sheet of metal. We then program our machines using CAD to create our design; then our CNC turrret punch presses literally punch our mesh pattern into the solid material. This gives us the ability to form our products from a single piece of metal.

It is more expensive to produce because the inset portion of the mesh can not be used. However, our CNC punched mesh is extremely consistant and much stronger than expanded metal mesh. In addition, CNC punched mesh allows for a smooth, burr free edge that gives our stainless steel and aluminum fittings a look and feel that is only available with a Homestyle or Eurostyle direct vent termination.

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What is the difference between CNC punched metal mesh and expanded metal mesh?

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