What is the difference between a collinear and a coaxial direct vent system?

There are two types of direct vented appliances: co-linear or collinear, and co-axial. The term "direct vent" is used interchangeably between the two which sometimes adds to the confusion.

In a co-linear system, the vent and the intake liners run parallel to each other, hence the name co-linear. Co-linear systems use two continuos flexible aluminum chimney liners as the venting system. Nearly all co-linear installations occur in a masonry chimney. A bottom view of a co-linear termination is below.

In a co-axial system, the vent and intake pipe are nested into one another or share the same axis, hence the name co-axial. Co-axial systems use two rigid single wall pipes as the venting system. This configuration allows for air flow through the pipe to prevent heat transfer to the surrounding combustible structure. Unlike the continous co-liner liner, co-axial pipe is installed in sections. Most co-axial installations occur in a chase. A bottom view of a co-axial termination is below. 
The Homestyle Collection of specialty direct vent terminations are available in either a co-linear or a co-axial configuration; the Eurostyle Collection is available in a co-axial configuration. Both the Homestyle and the Eurostyle Collections have been designed to work with your appliance and beautify your home.

Bottom view:
A Homestyle co-linear
direct vent termination
Bottom view:
A Homestyle co-axial
direct vent termination




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