Why is CAD and CNC important?

The Homestyle and Eurostyle Collections of direct vent terminations are all CAD (computer aided designed) and CNC (Computer Numeric Coordinated) cut and formed for a perfect fit and finish. This is a big deal. Our commitment to highest quality components means a major commitment to equipment, technology and highly skilled labor force to ensure every part is identical to the one that was built before it; year in and year out.

Our manufacturing tolerances are to .003 of on inch. The same tolerance and precision used in the aerospace industry! Simply put, this means that every Homestyle and Eurostyle direct vent termination is a peice of art that looks a beautiful as it is functional. We don't just think of direct vent terminations as a commodity, we think of them as an investment in your home. If a direct vent cap looks cheap, chances are it is.

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Why is CAD and CNC important?

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