Why shouldn't I install a shroud?

Shrouds became popular because people just didn't want to see an ugly termination protruding from their home. Unfortunately, most site and factory built shrouds are not only very expensive and labor intensive; they are not accepted for use by appliance manufacturers and many local building codes due to performance and safety issues. It is the case that some shrouds may be allowed to be installed with certain direct vented appliances. However, these shrouds, or their design parameters, have been approved by the appliance manufacturer. Check the installation instructions for your appliance to verify if a shroud is tested, listed and approved for use.

Direct vent terminations need a predetermined amount of clearance around them to be able to function properly. Site built and untested premanufactured shrouds may not give the termination adequate room to vent.  When there is not enough ventilation around the direct vent termination, cross contamination or over heating can occur. Both situations can cause poor performance and can compromise safety.

Cross contamination occurs when the exhaust air is pulled into the fresh air intake. Over heating will occur if the direct vent termination does not have enough air circulating around to maintain the proper temperature. As a result, the cap can become too hot and start a fire. Over heating can be a result of cross contamination or it can simply occur on its own. 

The Homestyle and Eurostyle Collections are beautifully designed direct vent terminations. They eliminate the need for shrouds all together. Furthermore, the Homestyle and Eurostyle Collections have been tested and listed with many fo the leading manufacturers. You don't have to compromise safety to get the most out of your appliance while preserving the beauty of your home.


Why shouldn't I install a shroud?

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