Beautiful European Styled Direct Vent Terminations

From the color of the interior carpet to the exterior lighting, you put a lot of thought into the decorating details of our homes. Yet when it comes to direct vent gas appliances, nobody has probably asked you what type of termination would go best with your home, until now.
  • Patented European Style Design
    Gone are the days of having to live with an ugly, industrial looking direct vent cap protruding from your house. The patented one piece design of the Eurostyle Collection beautifully blends the necessary high wind protection with a European appearance so you can focus on the beauty of your home not your direct vent gas termination.

    The Eurostyle Collections is available in two completely different European inspired styles. The Eurostyle Old World Copper direct vent series resembles the look of European copper chimney pots while the Eurostyle RealFlue direct vent series look like Mediterranean clay chimney pots.

  • Safety Minded
    The Eurostyle Collection has not only been designed as beautiful direct vent gas terminations, they are safe ones as well. Because of the attractive European styled exterior, you would think this is only a shroud not so. The Eurostyle Collection is a one piece, prefabricated termination that eliminates the need to add a potentially dangerous decorative shroud on your home. The Eurostyle Collection is also tested and listed with many stove and pipe manufactures too. More Info.

  • Versatile Installation
    The beautiful Eurostyle Collection is the obvious choice for new construction or the installation of a new gas fireplace, gas stove or gas insert. But it is also a perfect choice for retrofitting to existing direct vent installations as well.

  • Superior Quality
    The Eurostyle Collection of attractive direct vent terminations, start with only Prime PVC coated Material. Then our engineers use CAD to design not only the overall look but each subcomponent too. Next our machines use CNC technology to create parts that are .003 of an inch. The same tolerance and precision used in the aerospace industry! More Info.

  •  Made in the USA
    We are proud to manufacture every aspect of our Eurostyle Collections in the USA, while other companies import their components or entire products from Canada, China and other foreign countries.         


Direct Vent Old World Copper Series Caps

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