CHIM-FLEX Aluminum Liner

  • Flexible Design
    CHIM-FLEX® Aluminum Chimney Liner is highly flexible for use in lining or relining masonry chimneys. It forms an effective flue gas exhaust liner system for category 1 heating appliances. This liner may be used for venting natural gas and propane heating appliances listed for use with type B gas vents. 
  • 10% Thicker!
    CHIM-FLEX® Aluminum flexible chimney liner, formerly known as CHIM-LITE®, is manufactured from two layers of .0055 inch 3003 alloy aluminum; making it 10% thicker than the other aluminum chimney liner produced today! 

  • Best Selection
    CHIM-FLEX® flexible aluminum chimney liner is available in 3”-24” diameters for residential to commercial applications.  3" and 4" diameters are mainly used for co-linear installations.

  • Save With Bulk Coils
    CHIM-FLEX® Aluminum chimney liner, formerly known as CHIM-LITE®, is also available in a 100' bulk coil for 3" and 4" diameters; ideal for installing co-linear fireplace gas inserts where there is no need for the parts that come with a traditional kit. These are the perfect companions to the Homestyle Collection of specialty gas terminations for direct vent appliances.
  • Tested by Underwriters Laboratories
    Tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to their stringent 441 standard. CHIM-FLEX® Aluminum chimney liner systems are tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc (UL). UL developed the standard for testing chimney liners. That is why they are the test lab we chose to evaluate our CHIM-FLEX® chimney liners.

  • Made in the USA!
    We are proud to manufacture every aspect of our CHIM-FLEX® chimney liner systems in the USA, while other companies only manufacture their chimney liner in the US and import their components from Canada, China and other foreign countries.


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