Precision Built Chase Covers

The 3 most important features to look for
when buying a chase cover. . .

  • 1. Quality of the Materials:
    We only stock premium materials to give you a lifetime of performance. Choose from our selection of 24 gauge brushed stainless steel; 22 gauge, half hard, solid copper and 22 gauge 3003 aluminum. Our aluminum chase covers may also be powder coated to match a Homestyle™ termination for the discriminating homeowner.

    We purposely do not stock Galvanized or Galvalum material, as these inferior metals will rust and deteriorate over time forcing you to prematurely replace your chase pan. Because of the quality of our materials, we offer a 25 year warranty on the stainless steel and solid copper chase covers and a 10 year warranty on the aluminum and aluminum powder coated chase pans. Not only is our material made in the USA so is our every chase pan we manufacture.

  • 2. Quality Of The Fit And Finish
    Our chase covers are simply the finest chase covers built today; one look and you will know they are definitely different. Our engineers and designers use CAD software to expertly design your chase pan. Then each precision built chase pan is CNC laser cut, no plasma cutters, which gives our chase pans a perfect edge. Next each chase cover is CNC broke for a square cover that will lay flat. No other manufacturer gives you a cleaner, burr free edge or a straighter precision bend!

    Rather than typical straight edge, we have also integrated a 1/2” drip edge into our design. This edge adds rigidity to the chase cover. It also allows water to cascade off the pan and away from the chase and troublesome leak points. A cross break option may be added for even more rigidity and additional water runoff protection. We have also chosen an all rivet assembly for performance as well as beauty. End caps are also riveted on to seal the corners creating a finished appearance. We have even rounded the corners for your safety too.

    For chase covers that will accompany a Homestyle or Eurostyle direct vent termination, we will also use our CAD software to mark the alignment and CNC punch the mounting holes free of charge!
  • 3. Measurement Verification
    Chase covers are custom made to order. Our ordering system ensures that your measurements will be not just be double checked but TRIPLE checked using our QE3 quality assurance program! It all starts with our Error Free order form. It was designed to allow you to document your measurements in the most natural way, visually!

    Before production even begins, your installer will be provided with a CAD drawing of your chase pan for final approval. This gives both of you the opportunity to make last minute changes needed for project modifications. We give you the ULTIMATE peace of mind knowing that you will avoid costly mistakes and time delays.

  • Product Specifications:
    Collar Height:     Standard 2”; Custom up to 6” is available
    Drop Edge:        Standard 2”; Custom up to 6” is available
    Drip Edge:         Standard ½”
    Material Type:    24 gauge brushed stainless steel; 22 gauge, half hard, solid copper; 22 gauge 3003 aluminum and powder coated 22 gauge 3003 aluminum.
                                        View the Precision Built Color Chart.

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